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Health Check Up Packages

Life Care Hospital offers health check-up program to all individuals who wish to be medically cautious and lead a healthy life.

Good health is the most important aspect of a happy life. A systematic and regular check-up is always wise and necessary which helps to prevent and clear up all health related worries one may be concerned with. LIMSAR is providing various schemes of health check-up. LIMSAR is equipped with modern instruments and all the clinical examinations are done by a team of well trained intensivists.


Health Check Up


Make sure you get your basic health check up once in a year

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Basic Cardiac

Health Check Up


Take care of your heart. Getting heart check up every year can prevent heart problems.

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Cardio Diabetic

Health Check Up


Perfect package for diabetic and cardiac patients to get at intervals

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Health Check Up


Make sure you get your comprehensive check up done at regular intervals.

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Whole Body

Health Check Up


Assure your complete health by getting your entire body checkup with our premium plan

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Who Should Go For Health Check?

  • Anyone who wishes so, especially all those who are working as Executives, Businessmen, as they are subjected to various mental tension, stress and dietary imbalance.
  • Who have a sedentary lifestyle
  • Who are factory workers, particularly in textile, plastic and chemical industries where they are exposed to toxic substances which might damage their life, kidney, lungs eic.,
  • For those who are above the age of 40 years.
  • Who are Unwell?
  • For those who have irregular diets and for those who are overweight.
  • For those who consume alcohol and are tobacco users.
  • Check-up for pre-employment.
  • Check-up before marriage.
  • Check-up before going abroad.

Instructions to Follow Before Coming For Your Health Check-Up

  • All health check-ups are conducted by prior appointment only.
  • Be patient and supportive, the entire check-up process takes at least 5 to 6 hrs depending on the package selected by you.
  • Advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Don’t wear any jewellery while coming for check-up.
  • Light dinner the previous night is recommended. Please do not take anything except water after 10 pm, the night prior to an appointment.
  • Kindly bring all the previous medical records, if any.
  • Additional test if required or any other consultation done it will be billed in addition to the cost of your health check-up package.
  • Urine and Stool Sample should be brought, container to be collected a day earlier from us.
  • Breakfast/Snack will be provided for patients coming for complete health check-up.
  • Men are requested to shave their chest to ensure good ECG/TMT, however if not done it will be done at hospital.
  • For Ladies: Hospital shall not conduct X-ray for pregnant women. PAP Smear test cannot be done during menstruation.
  • EYE and Gynec consultation is not done in our premises.
  • Patient’s tile Created for health check up will be give with all reports on first floor counter #131 at 4:30 pm for consultation.
  • SUNDAY – no full body check-up will be done.