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Dr Adit Vora

Dr Adit A. Vora

Life Care Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Life care is not a part of his business; rather it’s a place where he worships his work and wants to take it to a platform of excellence. Completed his MBBS from NHL, medical college, Ahmedabad, in 2011, walking on the footprint of his father Mr. Ajay Vora, but creating paths of his own, Dr. Adit is embedding the life care hospital with some profound knowledgeable and skillful working staff.

Being a healthcare professional himself as well as a C.E.O of the hospital his vision is to make life care a leading provider in healthcare service delivery to the community and to become the most preferred destination for comprehensive medical care and treatment. He ought to believe that in a developing country like India patient’s opinion should be a prior concern which could be achieved through clinical excellence and cost cutting, as a whole providing an affordable era of treatment with quality services.

He aimed at achieving some key factors for unstoppable growth which includes personalized medicine where every individual would get medicine according to the body type, as “specific body; specific medicine”. Likewise accessibility to the rural areas through telecommunication and telemedicine is his 2nd agenda where rural part of the country will have easy access to the expert specialist of life care for any treatment required. New era of healthcare is Dr. Adit’s insight which could be attained through virtual medicine and augmented health care.