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Ajay Vora

Mr Ajay Vora

Life Care Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

It’s been said that one must think, plan, then act, and likewise once you start there should be no turning back. The struggle is always real hence the success shows the efforts you have given in your journey. Mr. Ajay Vora, visionary of Life care hospital, has started his career as a share broker in 1985, and the hard work was astonishing. The endeavour for achieving the goals was remarkable. In 1995, provided knowledge of infrastructure and equipments helped him in trying something new which he had never done before, a dream was taking the shape of vision.

He was a business-oriented person but creating Life care was never an idea of business generation, he tried to do some share from his side for the society. Mr. Ajay Vora was opportunistic, which allowed him for the expansion of his thoughts over the business.

From, initial days till today as well as in the future Life care will uphold a special place in his life, as it’s a platform where he connects the most. With an aim of continuous growth and serving humanity, he is giving vigorous efforts for preparing another new branch of Life Care, which is his upcoming project. This 150 bedded hospital will have the most recent technologies catering to every type of patient in the society.

Mr. Vora’s definition of work was always crystal clear, that you can tackle any situation as long as you are working as a team, and the work should be done in an automated process rather than a single-handed task.